Cat Sitting


As you already know from “My story” I have 10 cats and a dog, for me going on a holiday is a logistic nightmare. Making sure that everyone is taking care of is not easy and can be very stressful. Baxter goes to Woof Pet Services where he’s very well taken care of as for the cats… well everyone knows that cats don’t like to be moved around and feel best at home. So I need to find a cat sitter that is going to do more than just putting food and water out and changing the cat litter.

From my personal experience and as a cat owner I think that a cat sitter should:

  • Clean the food and water bowls and then put fresh food and water out.
  • Scoop the poop from the litter box, not replace the whole cat litter just because it’s easier.
  • Wash the litter box and change the cat litter as soon as it gets too smelly
  • Get to know the cat/cats name and spend 15-30 min interacting with them every time.
  • Make sure the cat/cats have plenty of toys out to play with while alone.
  • Contact the owner via phone, email or Facebook on a daily basis.
  • And all this should not cost you a fortune


I had Kremena cat sit for me during my vacation. Unlike other petsitters I have had, I could tell she took her time taking care of my cat and spent time with her. My cat is extremely shy by nature, but she came to let Kremena pet her during my absence, and I could tell by how she reacted when they later met once I was back. She also did not use litter wastefully, as I have noticed other petsitters have done.
She really loves animals and treats them gently, and they respond.”
Aixa and her cat Tonchi


“I have 2 beautiful, loving cts living with me and usually manage to organise myself and care for them even on short absences from home. One is an adult male and the other is a young female. One day during play, one of them got injured and got a scratch on a cornea. He was in great pain and after the vet’s visit, I was instructed to apply an antibiotic cream in his eye, 2 to 3 times a day for 6 days. Although not the easiest thing in the world, I could follow the vet’s instructions to the letter for the first 3 days, however my work demanded me to leave home for the following 2 and a half days and I was very worried about leaving my cat without care half way through the treatment and contemplated turning down my job related duties in order to assist him.
Then someone suggested I call Kremena. She offered me a RELIABLE, CONSISTENT, ATTENTIVE care, came to see the cats before I had to leave, applying the cream inside my cat’s eye herself while I was still there, reassuring me that she would be able to visit my cats 2 or 3 times a day and take good care of them, checking the food, offering them treats and play time, socializing with them, and she did. She left notes and comments on a piece of paper left in my house for me to find on how my cat’s injury was progressing and how his behavior was on every visit, and she got in touch with me DAILY via sms to let me know how things were going. This was priceless as I could do my job with peace of mind and know what was happening at home with my furbabies all along. I trust her completely to take care of them, and will call her again without hesitation when I need an attentive eye on my cats if I go away from home. I consider myself lucky for being able to count on Kremena in case of need. Thanks Kay!!”.