We’re special cats looking for special homes.

At 38smiles, we give all the stray cats we find a chance no matter what their injury. We currently have a few very special cats in our cat boarding facility looking for equally special, caring families to give them their loving forever home, sensistive stomach cat food. We only put them up for adoption when we are sure that they are heathy and well adjusted and ready for life without additional veterinary care. You can be assured that if you are lucky enough to adopt one of these cats you are getting a family member just like any other cat, but with an extra special element and an extra dose of love from them!

Suki was found by three school bus drivers. She was very badly injured after being run over. Unfortunately, her leg couldn’t be saved, but she has adjusted amazingly well to her tripod status – she even uses a scratching post with her one front leg! She is a very friendly cat with the softest fur and the loudest purr.

Goofie smile
Goofie was badly injured after being left for two months after being run over before someone reported him to us. He had to have a hip operation, but apart from a slight limp, you really wouldn’t know as he races around chasing balls, hoping to be selected for this year’s football World Cup! He is one of the most entertaining cats ever with incredibly expressive eyes. He would love it if there was another kitty to play with. He is around 1 year old, neutered and vaccinated. Every home needs a Goofie!

Happy Betty
Betty Boo was rescued a year ago from the streets of Deira during a TNR campaign. She had a nasty cut on her neck which is now fully healed. Through no fault of her own, she has had a number of foster homes although she has been with her current foster family for the last six months. She takes a while to trust people, but when she does, she will demand attention and strokes. She needs a family who will understand her trust issues and love her even more for her wonderful very catlike nature. She has been used to living with other cats and will play with them… when she feels like it of course! Betty is just over 1 year old, neutered and vaccinated.

Louis and Cedric are two very special, special needs kitties. They were rescued from the Dubai Outsource Zone at about 3 months old. Louis is totally blind and Cedric has one eye (the other one was removed to prevent infections). They are amazing and you really wouldn’t know they are visually impaired watching them play and run and jump. The only time you know is when Louis runs into a wall when he gets excited! Louis is a very happy, purry cuddly kitty and Cedric is the cheeky one (who also loves to purr and cuddle!). These two are absolutely fabulous kittens who will bring love and affection to the lucky family who adopts them.