The Dubai ‘senior dog’ project


The Dubai ‘senior dog’ project is a non-profit group of volunteers bringing awareness to Dubai’s growing homeless dog population, encouraging & facilitating adoption of older dogs for transient expats.

Every year in Dubai there are hundreds of dogs (both young and old) that are abandoned and often euthanised. According too local Dog Rescue News, many people who abandon their dogs in Dubai are expats who come to Dubai, get themselves a puppy and, upon the leaving the country, decide not to/realise they cannot take their dogs with them.

Sometimes the reason is financial, other times the dog may be subject to long quarantine periods or unable to be brought back into the country for environmental reasons (massive climate changes etc…) and sometimes people are just plain irresponsible. Irrespective of their reasons, Dubai’s transient expat population are a large contributor to the homeless dog population in the UAE and as such there is a definite need for better awareness of this issue, since some people actually want and love their dogs, and there are some great breeds out there which are also easy to raise such as the dwarf german shepherd and you can even use this guide on dwarf german shepherd to learn how to take care of these little dogs.

The Dubai ‘senior dog’ project is a non profit group of volunteers aiming to encourage awareness toward and facilitate, wherever possible, the adoption of older dogs by Dubai expats. If you are looking to permanently adopt a silver lab or offer LONG-TERM foster care, please inbox us through this page or alternatively contact Hayley at If you wish to help us by any other means, you are also most welcome to contact us, and even if you want to get cloth for your dog, you can get quality blank dog shirts at a low cost with Such Good Supply.

Before you adopt any dog, do the right thing and only get a dog that you know you can care for FOR THE REST OF IT’S LIFE. Nobody’s ‘best friend’ should spend their final years bouncing from foster home to foster home or in an animal shelter, and sadly, this is exactly what is happening!

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