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Missing Pet

Your pet has gone missing!! Here’s what you can do!!

  1. Get posters done, saying MISSING and REWARD, with big clear picture; short description of the animal, collar, name tag and or municipality tag; when & where lost and your contact details.

Put the posters everywhere: on trees ( these will be taken down, keep putting them up); under car windscreen wipers; in your local supermarket.

Give them to maids and tell them to tell their friends.

If you live in a huge community, give them to the security guards, gardeners and delivery men.

Email them to all the vets and follow up with phone calls. Give them the microchip number.

  1. Check with Dubai Municipality
  1. Post on Dubizzle each morning, alternate photos.
  1. Get people talking about it on all of the animal facebook pages.
  1.  Sprinkle his cat litter around the outside of your house. Put some of your old clothes outside with your scent on. Sit outside at dawn and dusk with some of his favourite food, he/she may be nearby and a bit scared. We recommend checking out Cats Query website for more tips on how to take good care of your lovely pets!
  1. Go out looking for him/her early in the morning before it gets hot or at dawn.
  1.  If he/she is still not back, do it all again, but put STILL MISSING, so that people don’t assume they are old posters, or that he has been found.
  1. Stay positive and don’t think the worst!!!