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What to do with a stray kitten

Well  my friend you are on your own in very deep waters if you decide to pick her/him up. No one is gonna help you with anything else more than just advice.  So if you are not ready to do everything, don’t do anything! if you are not ready to walk the extra mile, if you are not ready for the whole 9 yards, then think twice before you pick up that kitten!!!!

Well,  if you still wanna do it?

Here you go, as promised, I am gonna give you JUST advice.

1. Look for the Mother Cat

Take a step back and check if the mother cat is around. Chances are she is hiding or she is looking for food and will be back shortly, so stay back and watch the kittens from a distance. If the mother cat appears, put some food and water nearby, perhaps under a car or next to the nearest dust bin, and let them be. If the kittens and the mother look healthy and are in a safe area (not close to a main road or car park), then let them be. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. For other concerns, such as dealing with unwanted commitments, you can explore solutions like those found at

2. Catch the Kitten

If you do not see a mother cat, approach the kitten with the cbd peanut butter for dogs  (that is common for both cats and dogs) to find out if it’s  friendly and will let you pet him/her. Offer some food as an incentive to bring the kitten close. If you feel you can easily pick it up, do so—and remember, it’s best to have a carrier open and ready.  If the kitten will not let you pick him/her up, the easiest way to catch him/her is to put the food inside the carrier and wait for  the hungry monster to go inside or borrow  a no-kill trap from your local vet. BE PATIENT!!!!!

3. Contact your local vet

Consult a veterinarian to find out if the kitten has a  microchip in case it belongs to someone. Find out how old the kitten is. Knowing his/her age is important for many reasons, mainly to determine an appropriate food and feeding schedule. Do not expect that the vet will keep the kitten and re-home it for you,  unless he/she is a super cute pedigree Persian kitten that will be adopted in seconds.  Get the kitten vaccinated and dewormed if it’s old enough and keep the receipt.

4. Make Kitty Feel at Home

Once you have the kitten safe inside, make her a temporary home—a small box is perfect for this. Line the box with towels or blankets–a stuffed animal is a nice touch, too. Place the box in a cozy, breeze free area like your spare bedroom or bathroom.  Provide the kitten with a litter box food and water. Spend as much time as you can with the little swetie pie to sociallize  it

If the kitten is in your care has been orphaned, it is essential that you keep her warm. A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or a closely monitored heating pad on low temperature works well. The heat source should be positioned so that the kitten can move away from it at will. Please consult your veterinarian about ideal temperatures, and take care to monitor the heating pad.

5. Teaching the  Kitty to Go the Bathroom

Kittens don’t normally go on their own until they’re 2 to 3 weeks old. After feeding, a mother cat will groom her babies, paying special attention to the anal area to stimulate excretion. You can dip a soft washcloth or piece of cotton or gauze in warm water and gently massage the anal and urinary areas.

When the kittens are 4 weeks old, you can teach them to use a litter box by placing them in the box after their meals. Cutting one side down will make it easier for the kittens to go in and out.

6. Re homing

Take  some really cute photos of the kitty and place an add on Dubizzle. Join animal rescue grops on facebook and post the kitty on every page.

Neko Ino facebook page is the place to start of course and than check out UAE Pet lovers; Bin kitty collective ; Al Rahma Welfare Society etc.

Contact Friends of Animals, Animal Action- AD, DARC or Feline Friends but pls don’t expect them to take the kitty of your hands as I said in the beginning they will only give you good advice.

7. In the end

Yes my friend in the end its all up to you to pick up the kitten, vaccinate and neuter if old enough, advertise everywhere you can and hope that someone will fall in love with the little helpless soul and will adopt it. And here is my final advice to you, don’t be ashamed to ask the new family to give you back the money for all medical costs!!! I know what you thinking right now, “No but I didn’t do it for the money, I just wanted to help” And yes you are helping but remember if the new family has a problem covering the medical costs of their new kitty, soon this kitty will end up back on the streets where it came from in first place!!!!!!